Hi, my name is Owen.

I was born in Beijing, China, but spent most of my time growing up in Vancouver, Canada.

Fast forward to today, I'm a designer working at Uber, making tiny personal contributions to the future of transportation. Before this, I was at LinkedIn, designing across different knowledge spaces such as ads, sales, and feed. Hit me up on LinkedIn if you would like learn more about my work.

Outside of work, I'm quite concerned with the survival of the human race, as I truly believe the great filter might be right around the corner. At the same time, I think when properly leveraged, technology can compensate us in areas we struggle as a species, and potentially ensure our survival and our spread throughout the galaxies...

Back in everyday life... I love cars, and history. Whenever I'm free, I try my best to write out my thoughts from time to time with my semi broken grammar. See a list of them here.